VyprVPN 30 Days Free Trial Trick(2021)


So guys today we are talking about VyprVPN 30 Days Free Trial Trick. I know you were asking me for a VyprVPN Free New Trick since a long time. So let’s talk about how we can get this Premium VPN free.

But before that, you might have a question in your mind –

Can We Really Get VyprVPN 1 Month Free Trial ? So the Answer is – Yes, We can get VyprVPN 1 month free trial.

So now the next question that will be in your mind is –

How we can get VyprVPN Premium free for a month?  : Answer is – That if you create a VyprVPN account from someone’s referral link, then VyprVPN gives you a free subscription for 1 month And at the same time, with whose referral link you have created an account, he will also get an additional subscription for one month.

VyprVPN 30 Days Free Trial: Overview

VyprVPN Review

Let us first know about this Premium VPN. VyprVPN offers to new users a 30 day risk-free trial with Money-Back Guarantee.

VyprVPN is from a well known Golden Frog VPN Company. As you know that this VPN is very much demanded and that is because it’s very reliable and secure with military-grade encryption, Chameleon technology, and NAT firewall.

With the help of VyprVPN free trial you can protect your privacy and secure your internet connection with its 256 bit encryption.
with the encryption of VyprVPN your location, online communications and your browsing activity is totally secure.

The fastest VPN in the world

Online privacy protection and online freedom for everyone, anywhere.

Zero Log

It does not save your searched log data, so if you search anything on the internet using this VPN, no one can know what you searched and which websites were opened.

Your data. Our server. No 3rd Parties

Unlike our competitors, they use third-party hosted VPN servers and domain name servers. We 100% write our own software, manage our network, 100% own a domain name server , and hardware to enable us to provide fast and reliable VPN services. We are the only company that can process your data in a way that protects your privacy and security from start to finish.

VyprVPN has its own DNS and hardware. No third party.

Amazing VPN speeds and improved VPN performance

VyprVPN is designed to have the highest level of speed and security on an internet connection. 

it does not restrict or limit your speed so you can access any global content and stream without buffering. VyprVPN gives you lightning fast speed for download, upload and stream.

VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connections with the protection of online privacy, and you can access any restricted website.

700+ global server locations with more than 200,000 IP addresses

Server locations spread around the world

  • 700+ servers
  • Convenient server switching applications
  • Unlimited speed
  • Unlimited server conversions

View our global server locations

Kill Switch Feature

It’s a feature by which you can “kill” or Block your internet connection whenever VyprVPN is disconnected. This is a best feature if you do not want to show your real ip address to anyone.

This feature will block all your internet and network communications besides communications related to VyprVPN services. 

Easy-to-use applications for every device

VyprVPN provides stylish, cutting-edge apps for Windows , Mac ,   Android , iOS TV and router , so you can lock your desktop and mobile devices in a short time. So VyprVPN Download available for all these platforms

Their application is fast, easy to use and stable and has time-saving features like one-click connection, one-click server selection, ping test and so on to let you choose the fastest server.

Nonstop innovation

Continue to innovate to stay ahead of the ever-changing digital world. Our new Chameleon ™ technology defeats VPN blocking and throttling global networks. Chameleon uses the unmodified OpenVPN 256-bit protocol and scrambles metadata to ensure that Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) cannot recognize it so that users can have an open and unrestricted Internet experience.

Learn more about Chameleon

As featured in:

VyprVPN has featured stories in Reddit, Life Hacker, and The New York Times.

VyprVPN also has special reports on The Verge, Yahoo !, and Ars Technica.


How To Get VyprVPN 1 Month Free Trial

VyprVPN 30 Days Free Trial Trick

You can follow all these steps on your computer or Smartphone for VPN free trial. ( No need to connect any VPN )

STEP 1 : Open This 30 Days VPN Free Trial Refer Link. Remember : Use only this refer link otherwise your account will be lock.


vypr vpn trick

STEP 3 : Select your plan and Remember select only Monthly Plan.

vyprvpn trick

STEP 4 : Create an account – Now fill your Details. Enter a valid Email address because they will send you a verification link to verify your account.

Vypr VPN

STEP 5 : Enter payment details – Do not change country. It should be United State and Postal code will be 10080.

Now select PayPal –

30 days free trial vyprvpn

Now you need a valid PayPal address (Create by Trick) they will not charge until trial ends so need not to worry.

OK, The main trick starts from here. I will give you a method by which you can create a Free Visa Card and this visa card can be linked with your PayPal account.

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OK Now click on PayPal checkout and follow next steps.

STEP 6 : Fill your PayPal Email address & password details and click on Login.

VyprVPN 30 Days Free Trial Trick

STEP 7 : You will see this Screen now click on agree & continue.

VyprVPN 30 Days Free Trial Trick

STEP 8 : A confirmation link has been sent to your email address. Open that link and confirm your account.

VyprVPN 30 Days Free Trial Trick

Done. you got your VyprVPN 30 days trial account. Now login with your email and password and you will see 30 days in your control panel .

VyprVPN 30 Days Free Trial Trick

Now you can use this account on VyprVPN android app or VyprVPN windows software.

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Bonus Tip :  You can create Unlimited VyprVPN Accounts with a single PayPal account. Just use same PayPal account again and again to verify payment.

Enjoy your VyprVPN 30 Days Free Trial.


  1. Bro I have made vypr using imudra paypal❤
    I have a doubt is it possible to make more than one vypr using same paypal??
    Please reply if possible

  2. bro, i am successfully using this thread. is it will charge in our paypal after 30 days ends ?
    Whether we need cancel subscription before 30 days ?

  3. Bro i have added paypal discover card using your privied bin. when i tried to use this for vyper vpn trail, its said prepayment not possible so send me back to merchant. Any solution?

      • Bro tried everything. BIN has no problem. i can use USA bin to add card on paypal. but during vypr payment. its said prepayment not possible. i have tried in diffrent mobile. incognito window, flight mode on/off. different live cc card. but still it send me back to merchant. May be we need different bin. i am not from india. so cant add indian card.

  4. Bro koi problem toh nahi hogi matlab imudra se paise toh nahi katenge ya phir koi alag problem kyuki phone number real dena hai.
    Waise maine imudra app me paise dale nahi hai

  5. sahil sir/bhai PLZZZ (1YEAR ATLEAST) WALE CRACK KI VIDEO BANA DO ??????????????????????????????????????????


  6. Hi, i am not from india and i dont have paypal but need acc vyprvpn, please help me and give me a account vyprvpn, please send to my Email
    Thank you


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