Amazon Prime Free Trial Without Credit Card


How to Get Amazon Prime Free Trial Without Credit Card

As you have already read in the title that this is Amazon Prime Free Trial without credit card trick, so let’s talk about it today.

Here I will tell you Amazon Prime Free Trial 1 Year Trick – Amazon Prime Student 6 Month Trial Trick & Amazon Prime 30 Days Trial Trick.

amazon prime 1 year
amazon prime 1 year

So first let us know a little bit about what Amazon Prime is…

Amazon Prime is a service that is available on purchase of its membership. And with its membership you get many other benefits too, which we will talk about further.

Buy edu mail and get Amazon prime 6 months from premiumdada : BUY EDU EMAIL

Amazon Prime Membership Cost

Now it has a different price in different countries.

Amazon Prime Membership Cost India : Amazon Prime Membership Yearly Plan = 999 Rs/- Amazon prime monthly plan = 129 Rs per month

Amazon Prime Membership Cost USA  : $119 per year ($12.99/month).

Prime Video membership for the USA is – $8.99 a month.

Amazon Prime Student Membership Cost : Amazon Prime Student costs – $59 per year and $6.49 per month, after the free 6 month trial period.


Can I share my prime membership with others ?

Yes, with the help of Amazon Household you can share your prime benefits with up to 2 adult persons ( age 18 or above) and with up to 4 teens ( age 13-17).

  • How many devices can you register with Amazon Prime? > You can register up to 6 devices.
  • How many users can use Amazon Prime account? > Up to 4 teens and 2 adults with a household.

You can play up to three videos at the same time with the same Amazon account. You can watch the same video on more than 2 devices at once.

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Amazon Prime Video Profiles Like Netflix

Amazon prime video Introduced User Profiles Service like Netflix. By which you can create multiple users profiles.

Now You Can Share Prime Video Account With Family Members or Friends.

Prime Subscriber can add up to 6 person to his/her main(admin) account.

1 admin + 5 adults or kids under 12 years.

Now amazon prime offers to create prime video profiles for separate user..

You can create profiles from the Amazon Prime Video apps on your Android or through the prime video website.

【Remember : Update your amazon prime video app for this Feature 】

Click on the “My Stuff” button in the menu bar at the bottom of Your prime video app home screen.

prime video profiles
prime video profiles

Then click on your user name.

now click on “Create profile” button and create a separate user profile.

prime video
prime video profiles
  • From Prime Video website, you can select this menu directly from the top right corner of the prime video homepage.

You can also Manage the Profiles and rename or delete them.

Amazon Prime Benefits

Amazon prime membership offers you many free benefits :


-Early access on all deals with free 2 day shipping OR same day shipping


STREAM PRIME VIDEO – Prime membership offers you Unlimited Streaming of PRIME VIDEO movies and TV shows.

FREE PC GAMES WITH TWITCH PRIME – If you are a gamer then i need not to talk about twitch prime or twitch TV. prime membership users can link their account with twitch prime and can get all free games.

STREAM UNLIMITED AMAZON MUSIC – with prime membership you can access 2 million tracks library with ad free and you can play songs in your android, ios or windows.

[Get more info of benefits]


Photo Storage – Like other cloud services ,amazon offers prime members- secure unlimited cloud storage for amazon photos. you can store all your photos in amazon secure vault.

e-books and magazines – you can read e books and magazines free of cost if you have prime membership.

Amazon Audible – You can listen to audiobooks online and offline. audible has unlimited international original shows in English and Hindi Audiobooks.

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How do you get Amazon Prime for free?

You can get it with a 30 days free trial trick or with an amazon student offer. If we talk about a 30 days free trial trick, then we need a credit card( Not Real Card ) so that Amazon verifies that you are a real user.

You do not have to pay any money until your premium membership is over.

Amazon will deduct your money for the next month only after completion of 30 days trial, So for that you do not have to be afraid. If you want, You can cancel the trial before the completion of 30 days, So that none of your money will be cut for the next month.

Is it true that Amazon Prime is free for college students?

Yes, this is absolutely true. But there is a condition that if your college provides you a free edu email address then you can get amazon prime membership free for 6 months as a prime student offer.

If you want to get free edu email address , you can watch my video on My YouTube Channel Tech Sahil.

Can I switch my Amazon Prime account to a student account?

The Answer is Yes, you can switch your prime account to a student account. You need only open the amazon prime student offer link and then register there with your college provided Edu email.

It’s a simple process. After that you can visit your amazon prime account with your own email address or with your college .edu email address.

How do I get Amazon Prime student without being a student?

You can get an Amazon prime student offer without being a student. This is a trick by which you can get free amazon prime membership. There you need Edu email address and I have already shared 2 methods on my youtube channel Tech Sahil.

You can watch those videos and can get your free edu email address. With that edu email address you can create amazon prime membership free for 6 months or free for 1 year.

How do you activate Amazon Prime?

If you are purchasing amazon prime membership then it will automatically active on your existing amazon account. You need not to do anything. But if you want to create a free amazon prime account then read this article carefully and follow given methods.

Is Amazon Prime better than Netflix?

If we talk about Content then it depends on your choice because in amazon prime video you can watch many movies and TV shows which are not on Netflix. And the same thing is for Netflix.

But if we talk about price – Amazon Prime is Cheaper than Netflix. 

Amazon Prime Video Cost is INR 129 Rs/- for a month and you will get Full HD Resolution and access on Smartphones & PC But in Netflix Monthly cost is INR 199 Rs/- for a month and you will get access only for Mobile and in this plan you will not get HD Resolution.

Do you need a credit card for Amazon Prime free trial?

Yes, you need a credit card for amazon prime free trial But don’t worry, i will provide you a free method by which you can get amazon prime free trial without credit card.

Can you cancel Amazon Prime free trial without paying?

Yes, free trial amazon prime can be cancelled. You need only to turn off your auto renew membership from settings. So after the 30 days free trial your membership will be automatically cancelled.

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Method 1

Amazon Prime Free Trial For 1 Year

Amazon Prime Student Membership Trick

buy prime video  6 months account at very cheap rate. you can contact to team tech sahil on telegram.

just message to my partner at telegram @DAVID004



First I want to tell you this is a well known method for my telegram channel members.

It’s the iban method. In this method we will use Germany Amazon Prime Student offer.

But for a 12 months amazon prime account, here you need a Edu email address. You can watch my YouTube video for getting a free Edu email address. Click here for watch the video of Free edu email

This Method is Specially for amazon prime video free trial

Update : This method is working mostly in Andhra Pradesh with Airtel network in India. Confirmed by many users.

STEP 1 : Open this Amazon Student Offer Link. and Click on amazon prime student trial. ( NO NEED TO CONNECT ANY VPN )

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 2 : Click on Create Account.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 3 : Complete amazon prime student sign up process. Follow instructions given below.

Update : Working Email services for Register : Hotmail, Outlook, Rediffmail, Gamail, Yahoo mail. ( temporary emails may not work )

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 4 : Enter the OTP code received on your email address.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 5 : Now Enter your edu email address, Select year 2021 or 2022 And fill all details as shown in picture.

 ( but it’s working for Limited Peoples ). Create unlimited amazon prime free trial for 1 year.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 6 : Open website showing in this picture and select Germany.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 7 : Now copy these details and fill in the next step.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 8 : OK, now fill this and click on Button.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 9 : Here enter your name, address, city, state, postal code and phone number. 

Amazon Prime Free Trial

Remember- Select the Country which Country Content you want to watch on Prime Video.

STEP 10 : Click on Register Now.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 11 : A verification email will send on your Edu email address. Open your edu email address and verify mail.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

STEP 12 : Your Amazon Prime Free Trial For 1 Year account is ready.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

Now you can login on Amazon prime video with your created account.


Enjoy your amazon prime video free trial for 12 months & Amazon Prime Free Trial For 1 Year.

Method 2

Amazon Prime Video Free Trial ( 30 Days )

This method is same as the above method but here we are not using Edu mail student offer.
buy premium accounts at cheap- click image

Here we will use only 30 days free trial of amazon prime video.

So let’s Start :

1 : Open the (Germany ) website. No need to connect any VPN.

2 : It will open in Germany Language so you can translate it with the Crome browser default feature.

3 : Create an account on Amazon.  UpdateUse only These working Email services for Register : Hotmail, Outlook, Rediffmail, Yahoo mail.  [ NOT WORKING – GMAIL, EmailonDeck and some other temporary email services. ]

Account locked or Payment Error solution : Watch given video at the end. your problem will be solve 100%.

4 : Now you will see this page. Select Add a Bank Account option.

amazon prime video free trial
amazon prime video free trial

5 : Now follow the Step 6 to Step 9 from Above Method 1.

Fill bic and iban from given above website and enter address details ( Select Country- which country content you want to watch And enter the address of any city of the same country )

6 : Now click on Test now- pay after 30 days.

amazon prime video free trial
free trial of amazon prime video

7 : Done..Now your account has been created.

Prime Video 30 Days Free Account Ready to Use –

8 : Now Open The for watch amazon prime movies and login with created account. After login you will see this screen : Select Your Country and click on start.

free trial of amazon prime video
amazon prime video free trial

9 : Now you need to change Language in your prime video account. for language change go to your settings (Right side top )

You can follow these pictures for this task.

prime video trial
language change setting


free trial of amazon prime video
language change setting 2
free trial of amazon prime video
select your language

Done.. Now you can enjoy your free trial of amazon prime video.

free trial of amazon prime video
Amazon prime video free 30 days trial

Method 3

Status : 100% Working ( 30 may 2020 )

Amazon Prime Video updated Method

Step 1 : In this method we will use Amazon UK website.

First of all, open Amazon UK Website and click on Start Your 30 Days Free Trial.

Now create a new account. In this method you can use any Email address even any temporary email service.

Step 2 : Now it will redirect to you on the payment page. Here you need a Credit card but Don’t worry we will use a trick here. ( you can watch given video at the end )

Fill name on card, card number, expiry date etc.. and Click on Add Your Card.

prime video uk methodFor Card Number, Follow the picture instructions :

prime video updated method

Step 3 : Add an address and Select the country whose video content you want to watch > Click on use this address >


Now click on “Try Prime Free- pay later”

prime video new

Done.. you got your amazon prime subscription.

Step 4 : Open and login with your account details > After login it will ask you to Change Location > Select your country and Boom…

prime video new uk method

Here you got your 30 days prime video free trial. Now watch Paatal Lok online free streaming on amazon web series at prime video.



SO THIS WAS THE METHODS FOR – Amazon Prime Free Trial Without Credit Card.

If you like this post, then share it with your friends. And join my Telegram Channel

Now you can enjoy and watch amazon prime movies free of cost.


  1. Hi sir, during first try I’d successfully created an account. But after second try & consecutive, during starting it shows start 30 days free trial & I continue verify emails & phone number for creating account, during last step payment, it told me to subscribe now now instead of start free trial. May I know why this happen
    Once I tap on subscribe now, my account will get suspend soon. Thanks for reply sir


  3. bhai amazon prime pa phone number signup ki option nahi show ho rahi only email ki option show kar raha ha kindly please give me any solution to make an account using fake number thanks

  4. Bhai Maine Germany vala use kiya tha usme payment aapne aap renewal ho Raha hai kaise Kya ye real account hai Bhai kisi aur ke paise Kat rahe hai

  5. Bhai please ek doubt h trick 3 m mobile number kiska dalna h? Apna dale to koi problem h? Vrna kisi ka bhi dalde?

  6. Guys 30 day iban method still working
    Use the student link to sign up and confirm payment
    And billing
    (No need to give edu mail) then comback and sign up for
    30 day trial

  7. bhai poora ho jane ke baad vaps se 30 day trial free ajata or amazon open kro to account temp lock aajata.. reply krna yr tmare gar ps h rhta iim road pr

    • multiple accoubt mat banao. amazon android id block kar dega fir wo device par nahi banenge. dusra ki, amazon aap mai agar tumhara personal account login hai or tum prime video mai trick wala account dalte ho to block ho jayega.. amazon app ko uninstall kar do.. or data clear karo phone pc se, or strong email se try karo

  8. Hello sahil so in method 3 of amazon prime why is asking to add mobile number after verifying the email in your video it didn’t ask this is the only problem I’m facing

  9. Broooo i love you !
    Seriously ! Please make one paypal through netflix as u told you will do it please i beg u please teach us . These methods are working obsolutely fine .
    Need to learn NETFLIX account making please teach us . Thank you

  10. Hey so this is about amazon prime you told to everyone use Hotmail Yahoo outlook I used all this on Amazon using iban all three account got suspended when I tried to login in primevideo then I tried to use that video one the US mobile number text now app otp is coming 100% but again when I’m putting iban all getting correct billing address everything is going right till here to be honest but when I go to my account to update the email which you have shown in video of method 2 it is asking again and again password and when I’m entering the password again account getting suspended I did everything correctly I guess this is not working 😣 please you try and if some update is there do tell us 🙏 thankyou

  11. Edu mail se bana raha hu to “There was a problem with your email address” likha aa raha hai?
    Any solution?

  12. Suggestions / Ovservation:-
    1- Amazon shoaping app m apna original account login na kre coz mere phone m jo prime video m login ho wahi account automatic amazon shoapping app m login ho zata hai.. Nd baad m orginal account login kro toh prime video m account apne aap logout ho jata hai fir login k time captcha nd otp aata hai nd account locked..
    It shows account has been suspended because of unusual payment activity. May be yeh mere phone m hi aisa hota ho ya PC m koi problem na ho.
    2- feb m Prime IBAN method( wala) se bnaya tha with emailondeck mail.. 1 month chla account baad m 14 days, 2 days, 1 days usse account ab block ho rhe hai aprox sabhi mail se.. 1 year BIN wala bhi 1 Din m lock ho gya jo with gmail bnaya tha.
    3-filhal USA BIN method se 30 days wale m koi prob nhi hai mere sath.
    4- jo mail work kr rhi hai apke liye like if ushka account nd password hai toh usi account se baad m account bna skte hai.. Time bacheka like-
    [email protected] ye original mail hai,if apke liye working mail provider hai,Toh eshi mail se
    [email protected] se account bna skte hai. Toh baar baar new email provider nhi doodna pdega bss +2,+3,+4 chnge krte jao otp [email protected] ishpr hi aayega…
    5-Accounts crete krte time Chrome ka incoginto mode use kre nd cache, cookies clear ho..

  13. Prime account perfectly created but after logging in again

    It shows account has been suspended because of unusual payment activity

  14. Bro , please provide Disney+ hotstar mod apk latest version. Becoz the previous one doesn’t working or post a trick for free Disney + hotstar for 1 month

  15. Bro , Can I use any billing address Whatever. I am from Nepal .Is it compulsory to use Nepal Billing address instead of india’ addresses. Can I use any billing address like Nepal,russia,uk,france,italy,germany etc…..But I am from nepal ,and I am using Nepal’ Ip address.

    • in the Billing address the country which u provide is useful to switch location to that country bro..

      If u need uk prime video then use uk address.
      Or if u need Canada prime video use Canada address.. bro.. thats it ..

  16. Edu mail pe confirmation link hi nai aata he bro

    Aur kisi jab apane perosnal gmail id se uspe mail karne ka try karta hu to bhi nai ja rha

    Germany vale 1 year me to nai chala lekin

    Us ka account banaya aur usme 6 month k liye apply kiya he lekin ye problem aa gai

    Jab personal mail se edu mail me mail karne ke try karta hu to thodi der bad error aa jata he

    Niche website me link post kar rha screen ahot ki

  17. We Need New Method.
    Gmail/Proton Mail with VPN and without VPN dont work anymore.
    IBAN issues mostly. Please Create a new Post if there is any changes or specifications to be made. Pls do it fast Sir.

  18. Bhai nahi ban raha yarr method 2 30days wala outlook,Hotmail dono 3 baar try kiya login pe login karne k baad fir se pe redirect horaha hai without login
    Plz help

  19. 30 day trick not working
    Used various temp mail, around 15 different which are not common.
    Used vpn and no vpn
    Still not successful. Prime id is created but not working after going to it asks to login again and again in loop.
    Please update method.

  20. I have tried more than 50 different email address providers but non of them worked.please provide some working email address providers.

  21. I am using this trick and created multiple accounts. All those Accounts are working fine. I noticed that protonmail isn’t working. So try using gmails.

    Trick: u can put a dot between words of ur mail and it will consider that as a new one.
    This is working and I have tried this!!

  22. 1 year prime video trick
    Now showing like this while login
    Can you please help Sahil sir


    We have detected unusual activity on your account and have locked temporarily please contact customer support for further assistance

  23. Bhai ..I am from Nepal. I tried protonmail and india’s billing address(Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu) but my account get locked when ever I try. What should I do now ? Should I use my own country’s billing address or any countries billing address which I like to use. What are the reasons to get amazon prime account locked after creating ? Is it necessary to use billing address same as my country’s IP Address ? I tried 30 days free trial 4 times but i get locked every time i try. Help Me Plz!!!!!

  24. Please help me here when ever I choose a random email of edu than I would this I have used almost 5-6 edu mails but the same issue as .

    Registration failed
    Problem with your email please try again and check the form u filled

  25. Hello Bro,

    ye trick maine aaj try kiya account yo create ho jata hai pr jb hum prime pe login krte hai to fail ho jata hai.
    prime video fir se login page pe aa jata hai.
    Can you please help me ?

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  28. Works like a charm…idk why some ppl say it is not working!!! I guess they r not following steps properly….well bro thanks again

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    Koi solution hai iska

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  31. Sahil bhai please reply
    I am getting error message that “there was a problem with your email address”
    Jabke mera mail already active hai unlimited gdrive k saath office 365 sab mil gya hai.

    • bro 1 year sabhi ke liye work nahi kar raha.. wo jyadatar south peoples ke liye with airtel network work kar raha hai. tum 30 days wala baan sakte ho again and again

  32. bro unable to enter the cvv number……..dont know why but when i put my cursore on the space provided it doesn’t work……………plzzz help

  33. Tech sahil bro sb kuch shi ho rha tha 9th step tk jb address dala jaipur ka to ye aa rha tha that ‘there is a problem with your email address’.
    Or jb maine doosri id se mail bheja is id or vo bhi aa gya tha plzzz help.i hve used your older video method.Plzzz reply as soon as possible

  34. I am not able to recive any mail in my .edu account.
    when i try to send mail from my another email account
    The response was:
    550 5.7.1 This account is unable to send messages to, or receive messages from, email accounts outside of the Los Rios network. Upon registering for classes, full access will be available. – gcdp k19sor1798942ilf.50 – gsmtp

    • jese steps ataye hai images mai same wesa hi follow karo.. koi vpn nahi lagana. na hi koi number mangenga. or video add kar dunga isi par


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