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Here I am going to discuss How to Get an Audible free trial without a credit card. If you like listening more than reading, then Audible is made for you.

Audible is a company developed by Amazon.

The audible company produces entertainment, educational and informational content in the form of Spoken Audio. You will also find many magazines and newspapers in audio versions on Audible.

You should know that Audible is World’s Largest Producer of Downloadable Audiobooks.


Audible Free Trial Overview

Why should you get an audible membership?

If you like listening to audio books, then your first choice must be amazon audible.

Audible gives you 30 days free trial. Here you will find thousands of original audio books written by popular authors.

You can listen to unlimited free original shows and can download as many as you want without paying extra.

You get 1 credit in a month in audible membership and with this 1 credit, you can take any audiobook of your choice from 200,000 English and Hindi audiobooks.

If you don’t like an audiobook, you can exchange it for free very easily. Even if you cancel the audible membership, the audiobooks will remain in your library.

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Is audible free with prime?

No, but If you buy Amazon Prime Membership, then Prime Benefit allows you to access some services of Audible like podcast channels at no extra charge.

Is an audible membership worth it?

It depends on you. If you like to listen to audiobooks then it is worth it because amazon audible gives you 30 days free trial and in this trial period you can listen to your favorite audiobook at zero cost.

If you don’t like their service you can cancel the audible subscription before 30 days.

How does audible work?

First of all, you should have an account of Audible which you can take through Audible 30 Days Free Trial.

Then audible will give 1 credit, which you can redeem to get any audiobook of your choice. You will get only 1 credit in a month and you don’t like your audiobook, you can swap it free with others.

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How many books can I listen to on audible?

With an audible one month subscription you get 1 credit and it can be used for 1 audiobook. If you want more audiobooks, you are free to pay for any additional audiobook.

If you are a prime member and register for audible, you will be invited to choose 2 audiobooks.

Audible Cost : 

  • $14.95 per month in USA
  • ₹199 per month in India

and it will charge after a 30 days free trial. You can Cancel it anytime.

Are audible books free?

There are some Free Audio books for everyone which can be listened to without any cost.

As you know, currently all schools are closed because of lock down. So while the schools are closed, Kids can Listen free audiobooks and can stream an incredible collection of stories. 

all stories can be streamed on smartphone, tablet ,laptop or desktop and all are free for kids. Start Listening for kids

audible for kids


In India there is service called Audible SUNO by which you can listen for free.

In the audible suno app you can get India’s most famous voices like Bollywood stars, TV celebrities, comedians, famous authors and more.

audible suno

And this service is Completely Free. There is No payment, no sign-up, no ads. It is absolutely free.

You can pick from Audible Original dramas, elf-development, talk-show, spirituality and more.

How to get audible credits for Free ?

To get free audible credits, You must first take an audible free trial for 30 days. And here no need for any audible promo code or audible deals for free audible credits.

As you know that with one month audible subscription you get 1 credit But you can get 1 Extra credit by using the trick.

Audible gives you an option to send Audiobook from one user to another user. So you just need to create another free trial account and send audiobook from that account to your main account.

I will explain it in next steps.

Audible Free Trial Without Credit Card Method (2021)

As you know i will tell you the trick here, So for this free audible credits trick here we are using the Audible Germany Website Method.

 STEP 1 : Here you need a VPN which has a Germany server. You can get it free by My VyprVPN free trial trick.

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Now Connect your VPN with Germany Server then Open the amazon Audible website.

Use Google Chrome browser So that you can change the language easily.

audible free trial

 STEP 2 : Click on Try it free for 30 days and Create a new account.

Fill your name, Email & password then click on Create your Amazon account.

audible sign up


Note : Use only Protonmail, YahooMail or This Email Service. Don’t use any other email service.

temporary email service

 STEP 3 : They will send you a Verification Code on your Email address. Check your email and copy your code and paste on the verification box.

audible verifcation code

Now click on Create your Amazon account. (showing in other language in yellow box )

 STEP 4 : Now you will see such a screen given below. Open the box and select Bankeinzug.

audible free trial

 STEP 5 : Open The website showing in Picture Below. It may take some time to load.

Ok , now click on the Germany Flag and you will get all details.

audible payment method

Fill these details to complete your audible free trial and click on “Audible-Probemonat starten”.

audible free trial

 STEP 6 : Done.. You Got your Audible free Trial without a credit card.

audible free trial

Look at the top right side, 1 credit is available for one free Audiobook. You can choose any audiobook from any country and can buy it with your free audible credits.

Here I am purchasing a Indian book to prove that you can buy any audiobook.

purchasing audiobook

Follow Next step:-

audibook purchase

Follow Next step:-

audibook raavan purchase

Congratulations, you have successfully redeemed the credit. Now you can download this book in your library and listen to it.

audible free trial


Get Free 2 Audiobooks in Your Trial Account

Send & Receive Free Audibook to others through Audible app

Audible lets you send a book to another user who has never received a book from anyone else before.

So through this trick you can take 2 audibooks in your main account.

Just create an extra account and buy the book with its credit and send it to your main account.

Step 1 : Download Audible app in your Android or ios.

Now Change Marketplace : Change it from your Country to Germany (

send audible audiobook

Step 2 : Login With Your email & pass and you will see your audibook. ok ,now click on left side and open your Library.

send audible audibook

Step 3 : Your library will have your book purchased with 1 credit. You have to click on the 3 dots in front of your book and you will see the option of “Send this Book”.

now send this book via message or email and receive on your main account.

Done.. You have 2 Audiobook in your 30 days free trial account.

send audiobook

So this was the method by which you can take an audible free trial, that too unlimited times.

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I hope you enjoyed this. So don’t forget to Share this trick and join our Telegram Channel as well.


  1. the trick is working but as soon I’m able to get 1 credit, my account gets locked/blocked and im not able to login again,please tell me where am i going wrong

  2. Bro.. audible mujhe prime se liya Germany k domain se…
    2 books le li hai but mobile me nhi open ho rha… Wo app pr nhi show ho rha hai…


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